SIP+ Energy Monitoring

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SIP+ Energy Monitoring hardware range of products for energy monitoring, targeting and display are based on our successful and established range of SIP interface devices and works on the same principals, delivering a simple but effective solution for real time energy monitoring.

SIP+ EMT is a fixed cost on site solution that provides users with live data about their energy consumption and allows them to look at different parts of their network for the purpose of making improvements. Furthermore SIP+ EMT coupled with our Vision software can provide users with a data logging and energy display solution, with configurable local and public dashboards.

The solution has been developed so that it can also be configured and managed by end users, and the hardware is:

  • Multiprotocol platform
  • Easy to use with web based configuration
  • Simple solution for monitoring and interfacing
  • Reduced engineering time and cost
  • Data reports as CSV files via FTP, SFTP, FTPS and email
  • Direct integration with energy management software, billing software and performance monitoring platforms
  • Integration with a wide range of technologies and protocols

Multiprotocol hardware

The SIP+ EMT hardware uses our latest multiprotocol platform which enables the user to connect to, collect and display data from devices via M-Bus, ModBus, BACnet, BACnet MSTP and Trend Networks as well as IoT connected devices via MQTT and REST protocols.

For example SIP+ EMT can monitor and display points from:

  • A network of ModBus Meters
  • and / or a network MBus Meters
  • and / or pulse meters being monitored via a Trend BMS
  • and / or fan coil units on a BACnet network
  • and / or a temperature sensors via MQTT or REST

Interfacing is simple with SIP EMT/IF

Our SIP+ EMT/IF enabled devices also enable you to interface any of your sub metering or devices with a BACnet BMS via our BACnet Integration Controller (BIC) or Trend BMS via our Virtual IQ (vIQ), when required. MQTT and REST capabilities also enable interfacing of IoT devices to BMS systems as well as third party systems and software solutions.

Furthermore SIP+ EMT/IF will also allow you to access your energy data independently to the BMS.

Add vision to your solution

SIP+ Vision provides the system portal through which multiple SIP+ EMT products can be connected and networked to provide a fully featured energy monitoring system.

Enhanced features and connectivity options are unlocked by installing Vision on a SIP+ EMT or IF device, including a configurable public display option that includes energy graphs, financial calculations, energy and utility comparisons, energy performance, news feeds and weather information.

Installation and set up

Commissioning of the device and set up of the dashboards is simple with a full range of supporting documentation and tools available as free downloads from our SIP Integrator support portal. Simply register via your email address to access these free downloads as well as hints, tips and the latest software updates.



Technical data

Operating temperature 0 to 55°C
Storage temperature
-25 to 85°C
Mounting DIN Rail

Electrical data

Input voltage range
Power consumption


Device type
Data logger / Interface


Length 90mm
Colour Grey