Procon MelcoSIP+ Mitsubishi interface

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PROCON Melco SIP+ product range has been designed to expose values from devices connected to the Mitsubishi AC network, to a designated IP network range for compatibility with a BMS (BACnet or Trend), a SCADA system, and/or an IoT (MQTT/REST) platform.

Values from compatible M-Series, City Multi, Mr Slim, Lossnay units communicating with the Mitsubishi AE200 controller are learnt, and selected in the Procon Melco SIP+*, and linked to relevant drivers for appropriate integration.

This allows appropriate controllers on the integration network/system to perform any control strategy necessary to optimise the performance of the site.

PROCON Melco SIP+ key features

• Maximum 4 x Melco Instances (1 per AC network)
• With a maximum of 50 units per AC network
• 1250 points per Melco instance with a maximum of 5000 points (4 Melco instances) from any compatible unit
• BMS compatible application
• IoT compatible application
• SCADA compatible application

Hardware features

• Fire input port
• 2 x Ethernet Ports
• 1 x RS485 Port (ModBus Master connectivity)
• 1 x RS232 Port (ModBus Master connectivity)

PROCON Melco SIP+ supported protocols

• Mitsubishi AE200, EW50 and AG150
• BACnet/IP: Single BACnet network, BACnet Server, max. 100 BICs
• REST Server – Supports REST API
• MQTT – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google IOT Core via third party Broker
• ModBus Slave: Single TCP/IP (3 x masters) or Serial driver (1 x master)
• vIQ: Single UDP Group, Trend LAN, max. 100 vIQ Out Stations

For more information about our PROCON Melco SIP+ solution please take a look at our product sheet below or to speak to a member of the team call us on 01444 246 128.

*This product does not support QAHV and CAHV.

Installation and set up

Commissioning of the device is simple with a full range of supporting documentation and tools available as free downloads from our SIP Integrator support portal. Simply register via your email address to access these free downloads as well as hints, tips and the latest software updates.



Technical data

Operating temperature 0 to 55°C
Storage temperature
-25 to 85°C
Mounting DIN Rail

Electrical data

Input voltage range
Power consumption


Device type


Length 90mm
Colour Grey