Lunatone wDALI-2 BT5 Extra Long Range Wireless DALI Bridge


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Module to wirelessly connect spatially separated DALI lines. The wireless connection is bidirectional – control is possible from both DALI lines. Additionally, DALI queries are supported.

The wireless connection is set up using the DALI Cockpit PC Software. The device connected to the DALI Cockpit can be set to Master Mode and wirelessly searches for all other modules (Slaves) within range. The Slaves can then be paired with the master via the Cockpit Software. After paring the DALI devices in the Slave-DALI-lines can be addressed and configured wirelessly via the wireless DALI bridge that has been set up.

The range of the wireless connection is up to 5km outdoors, inside buildings, 
depending on construction, from 100m to 500m. The device is suitable for flush-mounted installation boxes.

Version with integrated DALI Power Supply (Art. Nr. 86452785-PS), provides 20mA for the sub-line (up to 10 DALI ballasts).


Technical data

Ambient temperature -20°C to +55°C
Protection class IP20/IP40
Connection wire cross section max. 1.5mm²
Mounting Back box

Electrical data

Supply, Mains voltage
Input voltage range
210Vac … 250Vac
Max input current 5mA

DALI Output for Art.Nr. 86452785

Output type DALI control: DA, DA
Typ. current consumption Iin
2 mA


DALI Output for Art.Nr. 86452785-PS

Output type DALI control and DALI power supply 20mA: DA+, DA-
Output voltage range
9,5Vdc … 22,5Vdc according to IEC62386
Guaranteed DALI supply current
Max. DALI Ausgangsstrom 250mA


Device type
wDALI system extension - Module for the wireless connection of spatially separated DALI systems
Wireless technology / policy E-LORA 868 MHz / RL 2014/53/EU
Configurable with DALI Cockpit PC Software Yes


Length 59mm
Colour Grey