Lunatone DALI Sequencer


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Lunatone DALI control module to automatically recall pre-programmed DALI command sequences. A sequence consists of a series of max. 16 DALI commands, for example a set of colour and light level changes. 4 different sequences can be programmed with the DALI Cockpit Software. User-defined sequences can also contain timestamps (command over time -> file.cot). Furthermore, it is possible to define whether sequences are looped or run only once. Sequences can be recalled with a scene command or in case of the DIN Rail module also via the input terminals.

It is possible to install several DALI Sequencers on one DALI line.


Technical data

Ambient temperature
-10°C to +50°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wire cross section Max. 1.5mm²/2.5 mm² at DIN rail (depending on version)
Mounting Back box/DIN rail (depending on version)

Electrical data

From DALI bus
Current consumption 2mA (DALI)
Galvanic seperation Din rail only
Input Back box/DIN rail (depending on version)



Device type
Control device
Multi-master capable
Configurable via DALI Cockpit Yes


Length 39.7mm (Dose) / 98mm (HS)
28mm (Dose) / 17.5mm (HS)
Height 14mm (Dose) / 56mm (HS)
Colour Gery