Lunatone DALI RM16 2 × 0-10V


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This Lunatone interface converts DALI signals into a 1-10V control signal and enables the integration of control gear with 1-10V control input in a DALI system. With the help of the integrated switching relay, the power supply of the LED ballasts is switched on and off. DALI Device Type 5 (IEC62386-206) compatible: -Selection of linear or logarithmic dimming curve -Selection of 0-10V or 1-10V output voltage range


Technical data

Ambient temperature -20°C bis +65°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wire cross section Max. 1.5mm² (89453857-DE) ; max. 2.5mm² (89453857-HS)
Mounting DIN rail / remote ceiling

Electrical data

Supply From DALI Bus
Current  consumption DALI
ca. 7mA
Input DALI
Output (1-10V)
channel 1: 1-10V analog, current sink 1mA ; channel 2: 1-10V analog, current sink 1mA
Switching voltage relay 250V AC / 400V AC
Nominal load relay 1kVA (89453857-DE) ; 2kVA (89453857-HS)
Max. switching current relay 8A (89453857-DE) ; 16A (89453857-HS)
Max. inrush current relay 160A
Switching operations at nominal load - resistive 3x10^4
Max. switching frequency relay


Device type Signal Converter
Configurable via DALI Cockpit


Length, width, height(89453857-DE) 120 x 30 x 22mm
Length, width, height (89453857-HS)
98 x 17.5 x 56mm
Colour Grey