Lunatone DALI Expander 3


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With the Lunatone DALI Expander 3, three new DALI sub-lines can be created and supplied with power and information. The connected devices within each DALI sub-line can be controlled broadcast, each sub-line via its own DALI address. Alternatively, the DALI sub-lines can be controlled directly with Switch&Dim inputs. The DALI Expander 3 has an integrated DALI bus supply (200mA) for up to max. 3 times 25 DALI devices. The amount of DALI units as well as the line length (up to 300m) can be increased using the DALI Expander 3.


Technical data

Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
Protection class IP20
Mounting remote ceiling

Electrical data

Input voltage range 100V-240V AC
Max. output current
3 x 50mA (DALI)
Max. current consumption DALI
2 mA (DALI)
Input DALI
Output 3x DALI (50mA)


Device type
System extension


Length 120 mm
41 mm
22 mm
Colour Grey