Lunatone DALI CS- PS 20mA


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Compact Lunatone DALI motion detector with integrated light sensor. The module can either be used directly to control the DALI system or can be used for data acquisition in conjunction with a central control. The areas of application range from office applications, corridors, classrooms to workshops. The following settings can be made: effective range, DALI command on / off, activation / deactivation of the individual sensors, constant light control and holding time. If several sensors are in a group, they synchronize automatically.


Technical data

Ambient temperature -20°C to +70°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wire cross section Max. 1.5mm²
Mounting Luminaire installation

Electrical data

Supply From DALI Bus or 230V AC
Current consumption
Without mains: 3.5mA, with 230V AC: up to 20mA
Principle PIR (passive Infrared)
Sensor 89453862
Detection range: max. 12m, 92 zones _ max. mounting height: 8m _ field: horizontal +-51° vertikal +-46°
Sensor 89453862-15
Sensor 89453862-O Detection range: max. 2,3m/3m, 16/48 zones _ max. mounting height: 3m _ fiel: horizontal +-44/90° vertikal +-44/90°
Min. temperature difference
Target/environment: > 4°C


Device type Sensor
Motion Detection
Constant lighting control
Multi-master capable Yes
Configurable via DALI Cockpit Yes


Ceiling housing (length, width, height) 120mm, 30mm, 21mm
Sensor 89453862 (length, width, height)
22mm, 20,5mm, 24mm
Sensor 89453862-15 (length, width, height)
22mm, 20,5mm, 24mm
Sensor 89453862-O (length, width, height) 28mm, 28mm, 21mm