Lunatone DALI 3Ch LED dimmer CV (Constant Voltage)


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Lunatone LED control gear (CV) with 3 separately controllable channels. Each channel has its own DALI address. As an alternative to the DT6 controller, the device supports the operating modes: Colour & Dim (for controlling RGB lights) and SwitchDim2 (control option via 2 push button inputs without DALI). Input voltage from 12V to 48V DC, depending on the version for connection currents up to 16A, 3 PWM outputs (16 bit).


Technical data

Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wires cross section (89453828, 89453834) Max. 1.5mm²
Connection wires cross section (86459571, 89453831) 1.5mm² / supply: 2.5mm²
Connection wires cross section (89453831-HS) 2.5mm²
Assembly (89453828, 89453834) Can installation
Assembly (86459571, 89453831) Ceiling throw
Assembly (89453831-HS) Top hat rail/ DIN Rail
Expected lifespan > 100000h

Electrical data

Supply 12V DC- 48V DC
Control input (89453827)
Control input (89453833, 86459561, 89453830, 89453830-HS)
DALI / SwitchDim2
Typ. power consumption 2mA (DALI)
Number of DALI addresses Operating mode Dim2Warm: 1 / operating mode DT6, Balance & Dim: 2
Max. Connection current Iinmax (89453827) 4A
Max. Connection current Iinmax (89453833) 8A
Max. Connection current Iinmax (86459561) 10A
Max. Connection current Iinmax (89453830, 89453830-HS) 16A


Device type DALI LED driver
State after network return Configurable via DALI: 0-100% or last value
Device Type DT6
Configurable via DALI Cockpit Yes


Length, width, height (89453828,89453834) 59mmx33mmx15mm
Length, width, height (86459571, 89453831) 120mmx30mmx22mm
Length, width, height (89453831-HS) 98mmx17.5mmx56mm
Colour Grey