Lunatone DALI-2 MC4L


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Lunatone DALI-2 MC4L Interface with 4, from the DALI bus galvanically isolated, inputs for mains voltage. Each input can be individually configured with target address, button behaviour and DALI commands. Besides the standard functions, dimming, switching, scene recall, etc., predefined macros such as setting the colour temperature, dynamic scenes and sequences as well as user defined command lists are supported. The device is designed to fit behind a switch in a flush-type installation box.

With variant 86458507-4L-2-app, the application controller is activated. In addition to the standard DALI commands, the DALI DT8 TC and RGB (W) control is also supported. The device can also be set to instance mode with the DALI Cockpit PC Software.

The variant 86458507-4L-2-int is set to instance mode (no direct DALI control commands) for integration into higher-level building management systems from e.g. WAGO, Beckhoff. The application controller can be activated with the DALI Cockpit PC Software.

With the 86458507-4L-NFC version, selected settings are adjustable using a NFC ready smartphone and the Lunatone NFC App (in addition to configuration via the DALI Cockpit PC Software).


Technical data

Ambient temperature
-20°C to +75°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wire cross section
max. 1.5mm²
Mounting Back box

Electrical data

Supply From DALI Bus
Current consumption
2.6mA (DALI)
4 switching inputs 230V AC
Output DALI


Device type Control device
Multi-master capable
Configurable via DALI Cockpit


Length 59mm
Colour Grey