Lunatone DALI-2 CS Integration THP


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Lunatone DALI-2 CS Integration THP for Integration in systems with central control units sensor for motion, light, temperature, relative humidity and air pressure

Compact sensor module for DALI-2 systems with motion detection (PIR), light intensity, temperature, relative humidity and air pressure measurement. The module gathers measurements for the building management system (instance mode) – (DALI-2 CS Master, WAGO, Beckhoff, etc.).

The measured values can either be queried or they can automatically trigger events. This functionality is implemented via DALI-2 instances. The DALI-2 CS Integration can be set accordingly in the DALI Cockpit Software.

Multiple sensors within one group will synchronise automatically. The device is powered directly by the DALI bus.

DALI-2 CS Integration THP is available in three different housings: for direct mounting on cavity walls or installation boxes (standard), for suspended ceilings (with spring), or for surface mounting (with backbox). The alignment of the sensor head is very simple using the turning and swivel head.

Available housing colours are pure white RAL 9010, traffic white RAL 9016 (-W16) or black (-B).

Factory setting: On delivery all instance events are active. Usage with a DALI-2 CS is possible without further configuration by assigning the devices to the DALI-2 CS Master.


Technical data

Ambient temperature 86458670-INT
-20°C to +60°C
Ambient temperature 86458670-INT-15
-20°C to +55°C
Ambient temperature 86458670-INT-O
-20°C to +60°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wire cross section max. 1.5mm²
Mounting Standard version With mounting holes
Mounting Art.Nr. addition: "-ZD" For suspended ceilings (with spring)
Mounting Art.Nr. addition: "-AP" Forr surface mounting (with backbox)

Electrical data

Supply From DALI Bus
Current consumption
Motion sensor 86458670 Principle: PIR (passive infrared), distance: max. 12m/92 zones, horizontal area + -51° vertical + -46°, temperature difference target / environment:> 4 ° C
Motion sensor 86458670-15
Principle: PIR (passive infrared), distance: max. 15m/128 zones, horizontal area + -34,5° vertical + -34,5°, temperature difference target / environment:> 4 ° C
Motion sensor 86458670-O
Light sensor Range: 0-2047lux (11bit), resolution: 1lux __ Event:0-2047lux(10bit), resolution: 2lux


Device type Sensor
Motion sensor
Constant lighting control
Multi-master capable Yes
Configurable via DALI Cockpit Yes


Measurements Standard version 98x98x18(max.42)mm
Measurements Art.Nr. addition: "-ZD"
98x98x18(max.42)mm +98x98x32mm part with spring for suspended ceilings
Measurements Art.Nr. addition: "-AP"

98x98x18(max.42)mm + 98x98x32mm mountingbox
Colour Standard version (no Art.Nr. addition) RAL9010
Colour Art.Nr. addition: "-W16" RAL9016
Colour Art.Nr. addition: "-B" Black