Lunatone DALI-2 ROT Touch RGB and Scenes


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Lunatone DALI-2 ROT Touch RGB and Scenes (L4)

Lunatone DALI-2 ROT Touch RGB and Scenes rotary and push button with capacitive sensor buttons for quick and precise control of brightness, colour, or colour temperature.

Functionality and effective range for the rotary push button can be set with the 3 or 5 capacitive buttons. The capacitive button will light up after being pressed to indicate the selected mode, the rotary knob will then control for example colour or brightness. Furthermore, it is possible to send individual DALI commands via the capacitive buttons to e.g., recall a scene. Several standard user interfaces are available and customer-specific designs can be implemented upon request.

The DALI-2 ROT Touch supports, in addition to the configuration via the DALI Cockpit PC Software, the adjustment of selected settings via smartphone (NFC capable) and the Lunatone NFC app.

The device can be mounted on commercially available flush- type installation boxes. It is directly supplied by the DALI line. A version with DALI bus power supply (-PS) is also available.

The -INT module only supports the instance mode (sending event messages instead of direct control commands) for integration in higher-level building management systems with DALI connection, such as those from WAGO or Beckhoff.


Technical data

Ambient temperature -20°C to +75°C
Protection class IP20
connection wire cross section max. 1.5mm²
Mounting back box

Electrical data

Supply from DALI bus
Control input
knob with integrated tactile function and 3 or 5 additional sensor keys
Typ. current consumption DALI (at 16,5V)
1,6 mA
Max. current consumption DALI (at 22,5V) 5 mA
Input type DALI, supply


Device type Control device
Power-on behaviour
Configuration via DALI Cockpit Yes
multi-master capable Yes


Length 82.4mm
Height when built in