BMeters Pulse to M-Bus Converter, Four Channel

B Meters

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The MB-PULSE 4 module allows you to convert a pulse signal (REED or OC) into M-BUS via cable EN1377-3.

The device allows you to connect up to four meters (water, gas, electricity, heat, etc.) equipped with a impulses, of any brand, caliber and version.

Each register is distinguished by four separate addresses, allowing easy reading of the consumption of each of the connected meters.

Easy to install and configure, it allows you to parameterize the primary addresses using the BMETERS BMBUS software and the data concentrator mod. MB-MASTER.

Technical Features

Dimensions (AxLxP in mm) 89x74x40 and 122 g
Temperature range from +1°C to +55°C
Power supply From BUS Network 3 V Lithium Battery (backup)
Battery Life 1 year* (if disconnected from BUS network)
Protection class IP65
Transmission protocol MBUS Standard EN 13757-3
Measurement sensibility 1 – 10 – 100 – 1000 x / pulse
Measurement units available L – Wh - KJ
Transmitted Data Consumption Device Status
Inputs N°4 pulse inputs. Linkable to pulse systems (REED and Open Collector
Max input frequency 20 Hz
Output N°1 Wired MBUS output